Espresso coffee is known as the drink for the real coffee lovers, those who like their coffee with no frills.

Making an espresso coffee at home demands certain requirements that make the drink so special, so pure by extracting all the best in the coffee beans, into a small cup of enjoyment.

First you need an Espresso machine that can give pressure between 9 to 12 bar. This amount of pressure is very important for the corect extraction of the coffee.

You also need Coffee beans with a suitable grinder, or ready ground coffee, preferably kept in the fridge before use.

The coffee grind should be between 2 and 4 mm, depending on the type of beans and the humidity in the air. You can do an “online adjustment” of the right grinding measurement, but we’ll come to that later.

How To Make Espresso At Home

Take 7 grams of ground coffee for one portion and 14 grams for two portions, and place them in the coffee handle/coffee spoon. You can use a scale or a coffee scoop to check that you have the right amount.

Then tamp the coffee with a tamper using about 20 kg pressure so that your shoulder and hand are at 90 degrees holding the coffee straight and all the portion is retained in the coffee handle.

To check, turn the handle upside down in order to see that the coffee is well pressed in and it does not fall to the ground.

Take out some boiling water from the coffee machine, so the water is about 80 degrees, and see that the group unit is clean. Then insert the handle. Place the pre heated espresso cup – usually 60 ml – press the water button and wait 25 to 30 seconds.

The coffee should come out (between 25 to 30 ml) and should pour with a honey like consistency.

The result should be:

  1. A thick, rich and consistent cream (froth) 2-3 millimeters deep, reddish hazelnut colors with dark brown streaks.
  2. There should be no water in the used spoon/coffee handle.
  3. There should be signs of a net pattern on the “coffee cake”.
  4. If you press your finger on the “coffee cake”, there should be a strong counter reaction.
  5. The “coffee cake” falls from the spoon fully when you knock it on the knock drawer.

– Try again if it doesn’t fulfill the above requirements!

To Sum Up How To Make Espresso At Home:

  • Put a shot of coffee (7 grams) in the coffee handle
  • Tamp it with the tamper evenly.
  • Place it in the coffee machine.
  • Press the ON water button .
  • Wait 25 seconds.

Read the article “how to make espresso at home” and enjoy an espresso

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